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Our pharmacy dispensing services are delivered with proven efficiency and accuracy. For more than five decades, Hancock Pharmacy 2 has been committed to promoting the safe use of drugs through standard and regulated practices.

Free Delivery and Pickup

Your convenience is our top priority, and if you can’t personally pick up your medications, we’ll be glad to deliver them to you. With our free delivery services, we ensure that you will receive your prescriptions in tim4e.

Multiple-Unit Dose Delivery Systems

We help simplify your medication needs by offering multiple-unit doses in customized blister packing. We understand that multiple medications can take time and sometimes create confusion for individuals. With this service, there is guaranteed efficiency and accuracy in your medication intake.

We also pack according to nurses’ requests for client-based medication customization. We can pack all 8:00 a.m. medications in one pouch of blister to provide effective service to patients.

Accurate Filling without Errors by Practicing Triple Check

We implement strategies proven to ensure the safe dispensing of prescriptions. By practicing a ‘triple check’ for medication, we guarantee to prepare the accurate mix of drugs for the right person.

Along with our highly trained staff who check the prescriptions, we count on a 100% accurately filling state-of-the-art robot system to fill prescriptions at our place.

Medication Administration Records

As a healthcare provider, Hancock Pharmacy 2 requires pertinent records of the treatment history of individuals. Upon acquiring the records, these will be used as guides in the safe and directed dispensing of drugs. Under federal laws, the pharmacy is liable for the safekeeping of records and for adhering to privacy policies. We keep track of the following documents:

  • Treatment Records
  • PRN Control Sheets
  • Narcotic Control Sheets
Private Charge System with Direct Billing to Caregivers or Residents

We want to make payment as convenient as possible. For this reason, we offer direct billing services where we directly bill the insurance company for the products the clients need. This way, clients don’t have to deal with all the paperwork.

Nursing and Residential Homes

We offer full dispensing services to nursing and residential homes. Our services can be customized to meet individual requirements to ensure you receive the best quality services available. We offer a full range of weekly/monthly monitor dosage systems as well as traditional bottles. We also provide comprehensive MAR charts if needed, and also deliver monthly and interim medications to the home.

We are local to most of the facilities we serve, and we are conveniently located in Fairfield County. If needed, we will be at your facility within 30 minutes.

Providing Pharmacist Consultant to Review Patient’s Charts

The expertise of a pharmacist goes beyond drug dispensing. Consultant pharmacists at Hancock Pharmacy 2 are indispensable in providing advice for minor health conditions. Moreover, they provide consumer education on appropriate and effective medication use.

We match and often beat the prices of our competitors. A study conducted by The Bridgeport Child Advocacy Coalition published a report showing our Pharmacy prices are significantly lower than our competitors.

Expert Assistance for Your Medication Needs

Our years of experience, coupled with our commitment to actively serve the community, are what make us the perfect pharmacy for your needs. Let us know your medication needs and we’ll prepare them for you.
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